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Income School - Project 24
Income School - Project 24 | 19.2 GB

Welcome to Income School’s Project 24
Project 24 is our complete program for helping you earn a full-time income online in just 24 months. Signing up gets you a 12-month membership to Project 24! Just use the button below to register now, or read on to learn more about Project 24.

James Renouf - AI Revolution
James Renouf - AI Revolution | 1.15 GB

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Ajit Nawalkha - Beyond
Ajit Nawalkha - Beyond | 18.8 GB

Introducing Beyond:
An Authentic Marketing System For Coaches Who Want To Skyrocket Their Business Without
Sacrificing Who They Are

Developing Assessment-Capable Visible Learners, Grades K-12 Maximizing Skill, Will, and Thrill (Corwin Literacy)

Developing Assessment-Capable Visible Learners, Grades K-12: Maximizing Skill, Will, and Thrill (Corwin Literacy) by Nancy Frey, John Hattie, Douglas Fisher
English | January 25nd, 2018 | ISBN: 1506389988 | 185 Pages | PDF | 3.61 MB
Imagine students who describe their learning in these terms: "I know where I'm going, I have the tools I need for the journey, and I monitor my own progress." Now imagine the extraordinary difference this type of ownership makes in their progress over the course of a school year.

Desperate Passage The Donner Party's Perilous Journey West

Ethan Rarick, "Desperate Passage: The Donner Party's Perilous Journey West"
2008 | pages: 305 | ISBN: 0195305027 | PDF | 2,0 mb

Designing Research on Bilingual Development Behavioral and Neurolinguistic Experiments

Monika S. Schmid, Sanne M. Berends, Christopher Bergmann, "Designing Research on Bilingual Development: Behavioral and Neurolinguistic Experiments"
2015 | pages: 114 | ISBN: 3319115286 | PDF | 1,8 mb

Designing Luxury Brands The Science of Pleasing Customers' Senses

Designing Luxury Brands: The Science of Pleasing Customers' Senses by Diana Derval
English | EPUB | 2018 | 184 Pages | ISBN : 3319715550 | 3.27 MB
This book shows how to build successful luxury brands using the power of sensory science and neuro-physiology. The author introduces - based on inspiring business cases like Tesla, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, Moncler, Louboutin, or Sofitel in industries such as Fashion, Automotive or Leisure - groundbreaking scientific methods - like the Derval Color Test® taken by over 10 million people - to predict luxury shoppers' preferences and purchasing patterns and illustrates common and unique features of successful luxury brands. Through various practical examples and experiments, readers will be able to build, revamp, or expand luxury brands and look at luxury from a new angle.

Designing Immersive Video Games Using 3DUI Technologies Improving the Gamer's User Experience

Designing Immersive Video Games Using 3DUI Technologies: Improving the Gamer's User Experience By Arun K. Kulshreshth
English | PDF,EPUB | 2018 | 122 Pages | ISBN : 3319779524 | 7.10 MB
A 3D user interface (3DUI) is an interface in which the user performs tasks in three dimensions. For example, interactions using hand/body gestures, interaction using a motion controller (e.g. Sony PlayStation Move), interaction with virtual reality devices using tracked motion controllers, etc. All these technologies which let a user interact in three dimensions are called 3D user interface technologies.

Dementia and the Advance Directive Lessons from the Bedside

Dementia and the Advance Directive: Lessons from the Bedside by Marcia Sokolowski
English | 19 Mar. 2018 | ISBN: 3319720821 | 141 Pages | PDF/EPUB | 1.65 MB

Delta Tch Dev Company Words Keep

Delta Tch Dev: Company Words Keep by Paul Davis
English | 1 Jan. 2012 | ISBN: 1905085206 | 119 Pages | PDF | MB
"The Company Words Keep" is a practical and thought-provoking guide for language teachers, showing how the latest insights into "language chunks" can lead to learners acquiring natural and fluent English