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FIFA 12 (MULTi5/PS2/2011) ISO

FIFA 12 (MULTi5/PS2/2011) ISO | 2,57 Gb
PS2 | MULTI5 | Region: PAL | Type: DVD | Format: ISO | 2011
Genre: Sport / Soccer Sim

FIFA 12 brings the genre of sports simulation to a new level with innovative physics engine Player Impact Engine. Now clashes players ball selection and power struggles in the game FIFA 12 is the same as in real matches.

"FIFA 12 (MULTi5/PS2/2011) ISO"

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The new system Precision Dribbling in FIFA 12 enables better retain the ball even in limited space. This means that players will have more time for decision making in attack and more opportunities to control the pace of the match. System Tactical Defending responsible for the arrangement of players on the field and their acts of interception the ball. By good tactical coordination and synchronization in the new series of FIFA 12 with much greater efficiency defense command. Managed advanced artificial intelligence athletes will take more informed decisions, taking full advantage of their best qualities and skills of team-mates.

FIFA 12 (MULTi5/PS2/2011) ISO

Plausible injury:
Player Impact Engine real-time tracking of physical contact, analyzes the effect of collisions and strikes to calculate the damage. In the Career Mode will have to take into account the nature of the injury and the risk of repeated in cases where the field out nedolechivshiesya players.

TV picture:
What's happening on the screen more and more like a television broadcast due to improved lighting, a new representation of fans in the stands and advanced camera operation.

Familiar faces:
Over 500 officially licensed clubs and over 15,000 player


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