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Workout WII Games Collection (Part 1)
Workout WII Games Collection (Part 1)
English | Platform: wii | Release: 2011 | Publisher & Developer: N/A | 8.26 GB
Genre: Sports

A big Wii (Game) ????? Workout Mega Pack (Part 1).
1. 10 Minute Solution (1GB)
Workout WII Games Collection (Part 1)
MINNEAPOLIS ????? Activision Publishing, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) today announced an agreement with Anchor Bay Entertainment to release 10 Minute Solution, a video game for Wii based on the popular exercise DVDs. Coming this Spring, 10 Minute Solution will bring focused exercise activities to fitness fans with busy schedules, in an affordable and fun way.

"Workout WII Games Collection (Part 1)"

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Workout WII Games Collection (Part 1)
Workout WII Games Collection (Part 1)
English | Platform: wii | Release: 2011 | Publisher & Developer: N/A | 8.26 GB
Genre: Sports

A big Wii (Game) ???? Workout Mega Pack (Part 1).
1. 10 Minute Solution (1GB)
Workout WII Games Collection (Part 1)
MINNEAPOLIS ???? Activision Publishing, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) today announced an agreement with Anchor Bay Entertainment to release 10 Minute Solution, a video game for Wii based on the popular exercise DVDs. Coming this Spring, 10 Minute Solution will bring focused exercise activities to fitness fans with busy schedules, in an affordable and fun way.
"10 Minute Solution DVDs give users a unique fitness experience: customizable routines that fit into any lifestyle," said David Oxford, Activision Publishing. "Weve taken this concept and combined it with the interactivity of the Wii, creating a new kind of workout that gets results."
10 Minute Solution combines the ease of the popular fitness DVDs with casual gaming fun. The game allows players to construct regimens from a wide variety of 10 minute routine blocks, organized into three main categories: cardio boxing, mixed games and aerobics. 10 Minute Solution is designed to captivate fitness enthusiasts and gamers alike with intense routines that play as a game, unlike other fitness games that simply have the player following a trainer on screen. The game is enhanced when played with the Wii Balance Board, but still offers a fantastic workout without it.
"Our legions of 10 Minute Solution DVD users will tell you these simple 10 minute exercises work," said Julie Cartwright, SVP Marketing at Anchor Bay Entertainment. "We are ecstatic to be partnering with Activision to do something progressive in the fitness gaming space."
2. Daisy Fuentes Pilates (3.88 GB)
Workout WII Games Collection (Part 1)
Pilates was originally created in the 1920s by Joseph H. Pilates as a form of physical therapy and strength training. Similar to yoga, its designed to elongate your muscles rather than shorten them, leading to a lean build instead of bulking up. The program has been used by ballet dancers, acrobats and now, movie stars and former VJs like Daisy Fuentes.
Daisy Fuentes Pilates features 10 different exercises with three different difficulty levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Challenging (keep in mind that some exercises are the same regardless of the setting). To aid you in your quest for fitness, a timing bar accompanies all exercises to track your performance using the Wii remote and Wii Balance Board.
First off let me say that this isnt really a game. Its a glorified workout video with a digitized Daisy Fuentes (the only likeness accurately captured was her chest) instead of the real deal. You start off by entering your name, age, height, weight (the Balance Board takes care of this) and your gender. If you dont have a Balance Board thats okay, you can still perform all of the exercises but you wont be scored on some of them. Once youve done that you can head straight to the Workout Center or hit up Daisys Office, the Guest Hut or Help Desk.
The Workout Center is where youll spend most of your time. You can change the difficulty here and participate in various exercise modes: Resort Tour, Single Exercise and Workout Set.
The Resort Tour is pretty, but completely useless, especially if youre new to Pilates. This mode has you click on random parts of the resort -- the Island, Meditation Area, Pool, Fitness Room, Garden, etc. -- to perform a specific single exercise. However, it isnt clear what exercise is located where, so the tour can turn into a jumbled mess fairly quickly. Just skip it and head straight to single exercises.
In Single Exercise mode you do five repetitions of the exercise of your choic: Bicycle, Double Leg Circle, Toe Taps, Pelvic Bridge, Side Leg Work, Hundred, Mermaid, Neck Pull, Roll Up and Saw. The first five exercises use the Balance Board, while the other five use the Wii remote. Simply pick an exercise you want to try and the environment you prefer. If youre new to Pilates, you can watch a tutorial that explains the movements before you start. If youre a Pilates veteran you can either watch a quick video preview to refresh your memory or just jump right in.
Workout Set is clearly meant for people who have mastered all the single exercises, so beginners shouldnt start there. During a workout there is no explanation of how to execute the exercises, so if you dont know already youll be confused and frustrated. There are five pre-set workouts that contain different exercise line-ups. Classic Moves, Hard "Core" and Resort Veteran offer various arrangements, while the Wii Remote and Balance board workouts are more literal. Those focus on the exercises that incorporate the Wii remote and Wii Balance Board, respectively.
EA Sports Active ????? More Workouts (1.54 GB)
Workout WII Games Collection (Part 1)
Over the years the Nintendo Wii has become home to more fitness games than you can shake a stick at. Although Wii Fit is usually the first "exer-game" to come to mind, Electronic Arts successfully forayed into the genre with the launch of EA Sports Active last May. Not content to rest on its laurels, EA tweaked Actives formula for an aptly named sequel -- EA Sports Active More Workouts.
Retailing for $39.99, More Workouts boasts an entirely revitalized six-week workout regime and a nutrition book by Bob Greene -- better known as Oprahs trainer. If you havent experienced Active, theres no need to worry, you dont need the original to use the new one. However, the game does require the resistance band and leg strap, so newcomers to the franchise will need to purchase an accessory pack for $20 in order to play. The resistance band, which youll use for upper body exercises, still seems flimsy, but you can increase the difficulty by shortening its length.
More Workouts uses the Wii Remote and nunchuck to track your movements while you workout to ensure youre performing exercises correctly. Motion tracking generally responds well, but it isnt perfect, so expect a few frustrating moments. If you have a Balance Board you can use to weigh yourself weekly and for certain exercises. I found that the Balance Board didnt add much to the few exercises its compatible with, so I just used it for weigh-ins.
The main component of More Workouts is the six-week challenge: a series of 24 pre-set workouts. There are 89 exercises in all: old routines from the original Active, like track running, were modified and renamed (its now called "follow the leader") while completely new exercises like abs, waterskiing, and step aerobics were added to the repertoire. Warm up and cool down stretches are also new. While I appreciate that warm-ups and cool downs were added, theres no variety, so youre probably going to get bored with them like I did. Theres also an assortment of pre-set workouts, although I think its easiest to just re-start a new challenge once youve finished.
A couple nice touches this time around are the ability to pick out your rest days and the weekly fitness tracker. Seeing your progress from week to week is encouraging, and offers an incentive to keep up with your workout routine. Just like the original Active, More Workouts includes 30 trophies that you earn when you reach certain milestones, like burning 1,000 calories.
Apart from working out, you can enter in your eating and exercise habits into your daily journal via quizzes. The game asks questions like how many sugary beverages you consume, whether or not youre exercising outside of your living room, etc. The journals purpose is to keep you aware of your choices. I became more aware of the sodas, donuts and chips I was consuming, however that didnt stop me from eating them.
Another perk More Workouts offers is a small nutritional booklet from Bob Greene. The booklet is a mini-version of his latest book, The Best Life Diet, so if youve already read it dont expect anything new besides some recipes. If you arent familiar with it though, The Best Lift Diet recommends helpful steps to increasing your activity level and achieving a healthier lifestyle.
Finally, a word of caution: see all the people in the promotional photos for this game* Theyre all wearing running shoes. Thats not a style choice. Trust me on this one, sporting the wrong footwear while playing this game can result in a few injuries, so gear up properly before you start.
EA Sports Active ????? Personal Trainer (1.82 GB)
Workout WII Games Collection (Part 1)
?? ?? ?? * Active Fitness Made Fun & Easy— Workouts feature variety and familiar activities that target upper body, lower body as well as cardio. Start off with a run, followed by bicep curls and get your heart beating with some cardio boxing. Get fit and have fun in minutes a day!
?? ?? ?? * Benefit of a Trainer in a Box—Your trainer will be the focal point of the experience guiding you towards your own version of personal achievement. Feedback will be given throughout your workout, keeping you on track to reach your fitness goals
?? ?? ?? * 30 Day Challenge—The game will track your progress as you embark on a 30 Day Challenge and tailor workouts to your level of fitness. Circuits will change as you progress each day, and EA SPORTS Active will track calories, intensity and progress throughout your journey
?? ?? ?? * New Way to Play— Slip the Nunchuk into the specially designed leg strap and hold the Wii Remote in your hand to track your movements from both your upper and lower body. A resistance band is also included to increase the intensity of exercises such as bicep curls and shoulder presses
?? ?? ?? * Workout Your Way— Circuits can be customized to your interest and fitness level. Choose your duration, intensity level & set your own goals for calories burned and workout score
?? ?? ?? * Wii Balance Board Compatibility—Get more out of your EA SPORTS Active workout using a Wii Balance Board with added functionality and physical benefits for many exercises.
Manufacturers Description
Introducing EA SPORTS Active exclusively for the Wii. Designed in collaboration with fitness experts, EA SPORTS Active gives you fun, easy to learn exercises and activities that create a western fitness circuit you can do with family and friends, all from the convenience of your living room. It’s like having your very own personal trainer in the comfort of your home, offering the promise of a better you.
EA SPORTS Active tracks your movements on screen to give you real time feedback on your workout. Track both upper and lower body movements and experience Wii controls in a whole new way with our specially designed leg strap.
Embark on the 30 Day Challenge and use the structure as a road map to reach your goals. Your trainer will be the focal point of the experience and create a new minute workout for you every day, providing clear instruction, motivation and positive encouragement.
EA SPORTS Active features a wide variety of activities that target upper body, lower body, as well as cardio. Each daily workout will feel different then the last and increase in intensity as you work up a sweat towards your goals. In the custom workout mode, you can cater the length of the workout to the time you have available, which body areas you want to focus on and identify your favorite of the over 20 exercises – and you will see how many calories you are burning in real time.
EA SPORTS Active gives you the benefit of a personal trainer right into your living room and the promise of a better you.


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