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 MatLab 7.0.4 R14 SP2

MatLab 7.0.4 R14 SP2 | 850 MB

"MatLab 7.0.4 R14 SP2"

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 MatLab 7.0.4 R14 SP2

MatLab 7.0.4 R14 SP2 | 850 MB

How to use this license files (Mac OS X - Unix - Linux).

Mac OS X

a) Run the Installer. When asked about the license, copy the content of the
"license.dat" file to appropriate field and proceed with the installation.

b) At the end of the install process, uncheck the launch Matlab checkbox.
This way Matlab will not be launched when the install is finished.

c) Open the "license.lic" file and replace the string "your_host_name" with
the hostname of the computer where Matlab is being installed.

d) Copy the edited "license.lic" file to "/Applications/MATLAB7/etc".

e) Now you are all set to run Matlab. Enjoy!


a) Create the directory where Matlab will be installed ("/usr/local/matlab7").
Copy the "license.dat" file to the directory. Let us call this dir $MATLAB
from now on.

b) Run the installer and proceed with the installation.

c) Open the "license.lic" file and replace the string "your_host_name" with
the hostname of the computer where Matlab is being installed.

d) Copy the edited "license.lic" file to "$MATLAB/etc".

e) Now you are all set to run Matlab. Enjoy!


- If Matlab does not start and license error is reported, check if the license
files have its permission set to: "-rwxr-xr-x". In other words, the user
running the license manager must have reading permission over the license

I also had .Trash errors when attempting to install this torrent. After some searching, I found this solution.

1) Renamed "matlab_installer Folder" to just "matlab_installer", since Unix commands will not recognise the space between installer and Folder.

2) Open Scrpit Editor, and type the following commands :

do shell script "chmod a+rwx /Volumes/matlab_installer/.Trashes"
do shell script "rm -r /Volumes/matlab_installer/.Trashes"

Be careful of caps, spaces and such, or the script will not work.

3) Run script Editor

You should now be able to run the install program.

Note: You can also open a Terminal and directly type the Unix commands (the part of the script in quotation marks). However, this method is generally for those who are familiar with Unix commands

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