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Autosputnik 5 rev. 32 293 + maps of Russia, 2011. All of Russia (2011)
Autosputnik 5 rev. 32 293 + maps of Russia, 2011. All of Russia (2011)
Autosputnik 5 rev. 32 293 + maps of Russia, 2011. All of Russia (2011) | 2.17 GB

"Autosputnik 5 rev. 32 293 + maps of Russia, 2011. All of Russia (2011)"

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Autosputnik 5 rev. 32 293 + maps of Russia, 2011. All of Russia (2011)
Autosputnik 5 rev. 32 293 + maps of Russia, 2011. All of Russia (2011)
Autosputnik 5 rev. 32 293 + maps of Russia, 2011. All of Russia (2011) | 2.17 GB

AUTOSPUTNIK 5 ???? Automobile GPS / GLONASS navigation system for the WM avtonavigatorov
System requirements:
Platform: Windows 6.x
Processor: Processor speed: from 400 MHz;
Size of RAM (program memory): 128 MB recommended;
The internal memory (storage memory) or memory card: free from: 1.2 GB;
GPS and / or GLONASS receiver: built-in or external (NMEA 0183);
Communication (optional): For service "Traffic jams" the communication channel such as GPRS, 3G, WiMax and etc..,

Note: this version for 30 days!

Key features AUTOSPUTNIK 5:
New beautiful and functional interface;
Super-search on a single button: addresses, objects, points POI, coordinates, etc.
Faster and Accurate routing taking into account traffic jams;
Traffic jams in the cities of Russia and the CIS server Astrace project jointly with Yandex. Free!


Beautiful and intuitive interface
The motto of the new user interface ????? the maximum comfort and functionality at a minimum screen space. Interface more transparent and simplified. The design turned out air and weightless. However, he contrast that is important in the car on a sunny day.
Vector scalable interface. Select the screen size at the start, and the program adjusted to it;
Color Mode "day ???? the night" is not just for the card, but for the entire program;
Trip computer with a set of sensors, distance traveled, average speed, etc.;
Improved panoramic projection 3D. Changing the angle maps at any scale;
The new color scheme show stoppers ???? contrast, visual and no hidden areas;
A detailed and clear window "Satellites" to control the GPS / GLONASS receiver;
Bookmarks ????? to frequently visited sites;
Multi-language with the ability to add their own languages;
The interface is in the same style, the buttons ???? the expected places;

New maps of Russia
You will enjoy a detailed, site-members and accuracy of the new cards. Assembling the cards now is a new converter, written "from scratch" in the automatic mode, on a regular basis and with reliable quality.
Support cards without size restrictions;
Detailed map of the city to the house, housing, construction;
Global search for all objects on the maps;
Maps are constantly updated and supplemented;

The package includes a detailed map of Russia with a detailed database of addresses, detailed road network and extensive database of POI covering the entire territory of Russia.
Coverage and detail. The combination of broad coverage with a precision of detail and high-density objects.
Detailed addresses. Hundreds of thousands of exact addresses, home to the buildings and structures, the current administrative division.
Yard thoroughfares in Moscow. Increase the detail and usefulness of the maps are not used for through journeys around the city.
Information about traffic jams in collaboration with the project Yandeks.Probki used in constructing the route.
Point of Interest POI. About 300 thousand of useful objects: hotels, metro, shops, cafes, pharmacies, ATMs, gas stations, attractions and more.
Frequent updates. In June 2010 Russia map is updated several times a month, 3-4 times a year ????? a significant enhancement of the coating.

Description of the coverage map of Russia

Routing based congestion
Improved and faster router;
Plugs with the new server Astrace. Even more precisely and more quickly;
Used the actual speed on the roads, received from the server;
New strategies: Short, Fast, on highways;
The route is laid in the ground and does not block the program.

Extras. Information: The kit includes:
Map of Russia Teleatlas 04/02/2011
Map of Russia Geocenter Consulting, 02/12/2011
Complete map of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, on 25/04/2011, 316 MB
Russia. Central Federal District from 25.04.2011, 56 Mb
Russia. Far East Federal District of 4/25/2011, 9 MB
Russia. Moscow Region on 25.04.2011, 19 Mb
Russia. Volga and Ural Federal District of 25.04.2011, 63 Mb
Russia. North-West Federal District of 25.04.2011,43 MB
Russia. The Siberian Federal District on 25.04.2011, 26 Mb
Russia. South and North Caucasus Federal District of 25.04.2011, 29 Mb

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