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HelpMesh v1.3.0

HelpMesh v1.3.0 | 2.5 MB

HelpMesh Document Database has a large number of software development document, you can use HelpMesh to free access all data in it, we will continue to manage the database, and let them stay up to date. HelpMesh is a library of Open Source technical documentation, you can use it to Free access hundreds of open-source development documentation.

"HelpMesh v1.3.0"

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HelpMesh provides a way of interacting with the topics that are written for various products and technologies. With HelpMesh, you can:
Browse topic titles using the Contents window
Search for topics by keyword using the Index window
Search the full text of topics using the Search window
Multi-tab Browser: Browse the web, through a variety of built-in tools to access the page content.
Command window: here you can run the javascript statement to debug the web or learn javascript.
Structure and Inspector: inspect web document structure and modify attributes.
Resource view: view or extract the associated files in the web.
Developer Tools:
Color Picker: Used to select a color on any point on your screen.
Screen Capturer: Allows you to capture any portion of the screen, save it to a file, copy it to Windows clipboard.
Font Viewer: View the fonts installed on your computer.
CSS Filter Builder: The "What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get" CSS Filter editor.
Validate Tools: Checks the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, etc.
Hash tool: Allow you to simply generate the MD5 or SHA(1) hash of string or any files.

Homepage:: http://www.helpmesh.com/
Language: (English)
Size: 2.5 Mb

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