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Christian Martin - The Work From Anywhere Accelerator
Christian Martin - The Work From Anywhere Accelerator | 6.68 GB

For The First Time Ever, Get A Behind The Scenes Look At The Secret Playbook Iíve Been Using To Get High-Paying Clients While Working From More Than 20 Different CountriesÖ While Living Life On My Own Terms

"Christian Martin - The Work From Anywhere Accelerator"

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This 8 Module, 100+ Video Experience Is The Exact Blueprint Of How I Went From Stuck In A J-O-B To Working With Over 100 Clients While Traveling Through 20 Different Countries
Module 1: Transform Your Mindset To A #RenegadeMarketer
So you can make SURE you succeed. I hired a PhD executive coach to develop ďthe anti-procrastination success formulaĒ that he uses with CEOís and adapted it to this program

Module 2: Discover Your Niche and Create an Irresistible Offer
Want to make the most amount of money without burning out or building a business you donít like? You have to focus on ONE niche. Weíre going to show you how to find the perfect niche for your lifestyle.

Module 4: Bring The Clients To You With Lead Generation
Clients, clients, clients. In order to make money as a digital marketing consultant, you need to find the right people to help. Iíll show you 12 different ways to get clients, so no matter your personality type and situation, you have a way that works for you.

Module 5: How To Make Your Clients Money With Facebook & Instagram Ads, So YOU Make Money
The main attraction - Iím going to show you how to build profitable campaigns from scratch to get you and your clients great results. My clients and I spend hundreds of thousands a month on FB ads, so you can be sure youíre getting the battle tested, ďwhatís working TODAYĒ approach to highly profitable ad campaigns. Iíll also give you proven ad campaigns to copy in to your account, so you donít have to start from scratch.

Module 6: The 20+ Funnel Clones That You Can Customize For Your Business
PLUS, how to create expert level funnels from scratch.Whatís the right funnel to use?What copy should you use?
Whatís the most effective way to get someone to go from stranger to paying customer?
Youíre going to learn how to answer these questions no matter who youíre building a funnel for, PLUS, you get 17+ already built funnels that you can plug and play for clients.

Module 7: Scaling With Webinars
Not for everyone, but if youíre at the point that you want to launch your own course, get more clients through webinars, or even build webinars for other people, Iím going to show you the exact process some of my clients have used to build seven figure businesses with one pre-recorded webinar. If youíre ready to take things to the next level, you donít want to miss this.

Module 8: Systemizing Your Business
Time is the most valuable resource that we have. When it comes to business, usually youíre either paying with money or time. Iím going to give you back your time in return for your investment in this program by showing you how to systemize your business and serve more people with less hands on work from you. Prevent burnout, make more money, and get a business that you actually LOVE.


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