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Ethereum Development Course by Blockchain at Berkeley Organization
Ethereum Development Course by Blockchain at Berkeley Organization | 110 MB

Blockchain at Berkeley and leaders of well-respected Blockchain start-ups like Consensys, BlockApps, Virtue Poker, and UJO Music have pooled their experience and knowledge to design a curriculum to turn you into an effective developer of secure Decentralized Applications (dApps) on Ethereum.

"Ethereum Development Course by Blockchain at Berkeley Organization"

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The Blockchain Development Bootcamp is comprised four modules of full stack programming on the Ethereum Blockchain:

[FREE] Module 1: Developer Environment Setup and Hello World
Getting Started
- Ethereum and Solidity Recap
- A Starting Example
- The bank contract
Hands-on Development
- Installing Dependencies
- Project Structure
- “Hello World!” (Greeter) Contract
- Truffle Init
Connecting to the Real World
- Attaching Frontend
- Web3 api
- Create-react-app
- Truffle Migrations
Finishing Touches
- javascript Console
- Contract Interaction and Final Questions

Module 2: Solidity In-Depth
Data Types and Associated Methods
- Typing and your contracts storage
- Typing in solidity
Data Structures
- Your contracts storage
- Structs
- Mappings
Simple Operators
Global Variables
Functions and More
- Accessor functions
- Events
- Modifiers
Branching and Loops
Objects and Contracts
- Calling external contract
- Inheritance
- Import
Other Keywords
- Throwing
- Selfdestruct

Module 3: Advanced Dapp Development
Greeter Review
- Git clone if needed
- Testrpc window, npm install/start window, truffle migrate, EthereumSetup.js
- Truffle console and final product
- How to fetch chain state
- What is the web3 api
- What is a contract abi?
- Why do I have to change the address every time
Web3 API
- Pulling information from the blockchain
- Modify greeter app that uses web3 to retrieve:
- Wallet address
- Balance (BigNumber note. Have people try to get as decimal and fail)
- Latest block number
- Latest block timestamp
- Latest block hash
- Gas price
Developer Tools I: MetaMask and Deployment
- Metamask Chrome Setup
- Communication between your browser and your blockchain
- Sending and Signing Transactions
- Live deployment to Kovan testnet
- Live deployment to Ethereum Mainnet

Module 4: Security and Attacks Vectors
Philosophy and Fundamentals
Basic Security
- Solidity defaults
- .send() vs .transfer vs .call().value()
- “Smart” smart contract standards
Attack Vectors
- Data races
- Integer overflow
Community tools
- OpenZeppelin
- Oyente
- SolCover


Ethereum Development Course by Blockchain at Berkeley Organization

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