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Indie Learn Forex Master Class - Complete Trader Forex Training
Indie Learn Forex Master Class - Complete Trader Forex Training | 1.3 GB

I have created many courses over the years, one of the earliest being the Complete Trader course. I have learnt a lot not only in Forex trading but also how to make a better course. This course, is new, fresh, updated and teaches the most profitable system any new short term trader could hope for.

"Indie Learn Forex Master Class - Complete Trader Forex Training"

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It still takes you from the beginning explaining what Forex trading is and how it works. It then takes you through to learning Meta Trader 5 as well as the key differences if youíre still using Meta Trader 4.

Class Curriculum
Introduction to What Forex trading is, a brief history and some reasons we trade the market (6:45)
We discuss the big 5, market size and liquidity and how the USD dominates the market (4:42)
We look at the best times to trade, discuss spreads and a breakdown of the trading sessions (3:32)
How to choose which pairs to trade and how money is traded in the market (3:36)
Reading forex quotes, pips explained, Long vs Short - Bulls vs Bear (4:42)
Lots, leverage and order types explained (5:31)
Choosing the right broker (3:03)

Learning the Software - Metatrader 4 and 5
Meta Trader 5 - Basic layout of the software (4:17)
Meta Trader 5 - Creating new charts, adding and removing currency pairs and more (5:04)
Meta Trader 5 - Placing a new order, bar charts, candlesticks and line charts (5:08)
Meta Trader 5 - Cursor, cross-hair and navigating the charts (3:34)
Meta Trader 5 - More MT5 settings (4:43)
Meta Trader 5 - Adding, editing and removing objects to the chart (5:26)
Meta Trader 5 - More objects and how to customize the toolbars (5:20)
Meta Trader 5 - Adding indicators and viewing objects (3:29)
Meta Trader 5 - Customizing the chart and saving it as a template (5:37)
Meta Trader 4 - Very similar to 5, here are the key differences (3:30)
Meta Trader 4 - Setting up chart templates (4:52)

Indicators and the Trading Strategy
Our first indicator, Moving Average (6:45)
How to use Moving Averages in a cross over system (7:18)
MACD - Moving Average Convergence Divergence explained (5:34)
MACD - Adding it to our system, and what it is telling us (3:34)
Using Stochastics to determine overbought and oversold positions (6:25)
Putting it all together, recap of the strategy (7:05)
Using the MA50 as a potential trade entry (5:36)
MACD as a potential entry and more ways to confirm a trade (8:43)
Closing the trade (9:34)

Practicing and third party resources
Using investing.com to help us avoid busy news times (8:13)
My morning routine, and a great way to practice on a demo account (13:25)
Quick recap of the rules and how to do back testing (11:57)



Indie Learn Forex Master Class - Complete Trader Forex Training

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