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Forex Master levels by Nicola Delic
Nicola Delic - Forex Master Levels | 1 GB

Your Step-By-Step Blueprint To Wealth
What you are about to learn could easily be the single most important financial revelation of your life. One that could have immediate and massive impact on your income and net worth.

"Forex Master levels by Nicola Delic"

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What you will get:
On DVD 1, I explain everything you need to get started. I go through all the indicators, show you step by step how to set everything up on your charts and walk you through exactly what each one does and how to best use them.
On DVD 2, I explain the system rules in complete detail using easy to understand language. Even if you have never traded a day before in your life you will have no problem grasping this information. Thatís because I walk you through all of the system rules and show you everything you need to know to trade this system like a pro.
On DVD 3, I take you through 15 example trades in detail. Explaining everything about each trade. I show you examples of both conservative and aggressive trades for all the major currencies including Bitcoin.
On DVD 4, I take it to the next level and let you watch me trade the system live. Not just once or twice but sixteen different trades. I wanted you to see how the system performs and the exact steps to take no matter what the markets throws your way.
FML Manual - essentially much of the same information covered in the DVDís but in a more consise and simple format.
You will also get Intro Videos, Indicators & Template plus Bonus FX Systems



Forex Master levels by Nicola Delic

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