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Learn Squared - Concept Art Hacks with Steve Wang
Learn Squared - Concept Art Hacks with Steve Wang | 17.2 GB

Course Overview
A few simple tricks can improve your art in a matter of seconds. Concept artist Steve Wang will teach you to make the most of your sketching, 3D workflows, and digital painting with ease and efficiency. This online course will teach you new and creative ways to hack your workflow, helping you stay focused on creating beautiful artwork.

"Learn Squared - Concept Art Hacks with Steve Wang"

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Lesson Plan
Lesson 1 Graphic Thumbnail
In this first Lesson, you will get a tour through Steve's Photoshop setup, his process for collecting and organizing references, and finally his style for sketching graphic thumbnails. These most basic sketches will only use two values: black and white. The goal is to create this preliminary content as quickly as possible, setting the stage for future artwork later in the Course with maximum efficiency.

Lesson 2 2D Value Painting
In this Lesson, Steve will focus on purely 2D painting techniques. He will take you through several fundamentals of value, leading directly into creating a value painting based on one of the graphic thumbnails from the previous Lesson. You will learn about integrating 2D references and Mixamo imagery into the painting, and refining everything to feel seamless.

Lesson 3 Painting With 3D
This time, Steve will start by setting up a 3D image using Modo and Octane, giving you tips on all different aspects of his 3D workflow. This will then be rendered and sent to Photoshop for a paintover. This Lesson also includes a special bonus painting in addition to the main piece, offering as many ideas as possible for how to implement this style in your own work.

Lesson 4 Color Illustration
In this Lesson, Steve will start by analyzing the use of color in some of his favorite paintings. He will then take you through 3D preparation once again, this time with an eye for atmosphere, bounce light and general color, before moving into Photoshop. Because this final piece will be more complex, he will go through a two-part process: first blocking everything in with standard detail, then taking a critical eye to his work and further refining the painting.


Learn Squared - Concept Art Hacks with Steve Wang

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