Kelby Training ???? Light Shaping Tools, Part 2

Kelby Training ????? Light Shaping Tools, Part 2
MOV | AVC 1202kbps | English | 848x496 | 23.97fps | 1h 54mins | AAC stereo 119kbps | 1.05 GB
Genre: Video Training

Photographer Joe McNally vocalizes his thought process as he lights and shoots a mix of indoor and outdoor locations in New Mexico.

Lesson 01 The Penitentiary Prop (1:51)
Lesson 02 CD Cover (1:21)
Lesson 03 Picking Location (2:05)
Lesson 04 Zero Out Camera (3:33)
Lesson 05 Lens and Light (6:45)
Lesson 06 Adjusting the Light (2:04)
Lesson 07 First Shots (1:43)
Lesson 08 Lighting Ratios and Exposures (4:21)
Lesson 09 Changing Light Sources (2:13)
Lesson 10 Evolving During the Shoot (2:23)
Lesson 11 Key Lighting (7:53)
Lesson 12 Improvisation (9:38)
Lesson 13 New Location (7:43)
Lesson 14 Assessing the Gear (10:20)
Lesson 15 Octa Light Bank and Batteries (7:58)
Lesson 16 Picture Depth and Fill Lighting (4:01)
Lesson 17 Battling the Light (5:54)
Lesson 18 Laying Out Saloon Setup (5:01)
Lesson 19 Playing With Light (9:59)
Lesson 20 Strip Light (4:39)
Lesson 21 Listen to the Location (9:05)
Lesson 22 Working with Harsh Light (3:33)
PhotoshopCAFE ???? Perfect Composition for Digital Photography

PhotoshopCAFE ????? Perfect Composition for Digital Photography
FLV | VP6 1600kbps | English | 800x600 | 1fps | 2h 30mins | MP3 mono 80kbps | 863 MB
Genre: Video Training

This video teaches you how to transform your photography! Your images will instantly become more powerful and engaging. In addition to teaching you the rules of composition, Tim shows you why the rules work, and when to break them! This video takes you through the steps of seeing, designing, and executing the final composition. Learn how your shutter speeds, f-stops, and lens length are crucial to composing your photo. Never take a boring shot again.
PhotoshopCAFE ???? Photoshop CS5 for Digital Photographers (2010)

PhotoshopCAFE ????? Photoshop CS5 for Digital Photographers (2010)
English | 7 Hours | 960x600 | H264 | 30fps 994kbps | AAC 77kbps | 858 MB
Genre: eLearning

This ground-breaking 5th release of Photoshop Secrets for Digital Photographers, will blow your socks off! Colin has pulled out all the stops. All the workflows have been fine-tuned to take advantage of the new features in Photoshop CS5. Don't just learn the features, integrate the skills into your every day workflow.
Kelby Training ???? Mastering HDR in Photoshop CS5


Kelby Training ???? Mastering HDR in Photoshop CS5
English | FLV | VP6 1000kbps | 852x480 | 30fps | 2h 07mins | MP3 stereo 128kbps | 961 MB

HDR is one of the hottest trends in digital photography. And now Photoshop CS5 has an entirely new set of features aimed at getting you great HDR photos right out of Photoshop (with no 3rd party plug-ins). In this course, HDR Pro Matt Kloskowski shows you how to put those new features to work to create some killer HDR photos.

David A. Leffel ???? The Art of Painting

David A. Leffel ???? The Art of Painting
2xDVDRip | AVI / XviD, ~1434 kb/s | 720x480 | 02:54:32 | English: AC3, 256 kb/s (2 ch) | 2.07 GB
Genre: Drawing, Painting

Filmed at our studio here in Texas, this video promises to be a best-seller, showcasing the mastery of David A. Leffel at the easel. It is three hours long, and shows the complete development of this painting from the first stroke to the finish. Follow the brush from palette to canvas in close-up views showing his working methods, quality of paint, and mastery of application. Listen to the thoughts of this 20th Century master as he explains his concepts of picture-making, design, and purpose in setting up a particular still-life composition, choice of backgrounds, and how to lead the viewer through the painting. The project was filmed by Liliedahl Video Productions during a still-life workshop taught at Liliedahl Fine Art Studio and includes questions from the class participants as well as Mr. Leffel's complete answers. It's almost like being in class yourself! Add this important video to your library now for the best demonstration and intelligent discussion of art theses available in today's world of working artists.
Digital Tutors: Creative Development ????? Voronoi Dynamic Fracturing in Houdini with Luke Olson

Digital Tutors: Creative Development ????? Voronoi Dynamic Fracturing in Houdini with Luke Olson
1 hrs. 37 min. | Released on June 15, 2011 | Project Files Included (2 MB)
Video: VP6 (.flv) 1280x720 15fps 666Kbps | Audio: MP3 44.1KHz 96Kbps 1ch | 514 Mb
Required Software: Houdini 11.0
Genre: eLearning

In this series of lessons, we will learn how to create dynamic and high quality fracturing simulations.

Dynamic fracturing of rigid bodies is a powerful and production ready tool in Houdini. The shelf tools are a great place to start but there's a lot more under the hood that can be leveraged to get high quality and highly tunable results in less time. This tutorial covers dynamic fracturing starting in the context of dynamic simulations, then using dynamic fracturing building blocks to visualize fracturing without the need to simulate anything, and other tip and tricks to attain complex effects and improve robustness of the workflow. The material is based on the assumption that the viewer has a working knowledge of other aspects of Houdini and might have some experience with other DOP simulations. Dynamic fracturing was introduced in Houdini 9.5 but this tutorial was created using Houdini 11.0 so there may be some differences with earlier versions of Houdini.
CSS: Page Layouts

CSS: Page Layouts
72xDVDRip | MOV / AVC, ~208 kb/s | 960x540 | ~9 hour | English: AAC, 96 kb/s (2 ch) | 1.06 GB
Genre: Programming

CSS: Page Layouts introduces basic layout concepts, gives advice on how to create properly structured HTML based on prototypes and mockups, and goes into critical page layout skills such as floats and positioning. Author James Williamson shows how to combine these techniques to create fixed, fluid, and responsive layouts. Designers are also shown how to enhance their pages through the creative use of CSS techniques like multi-column text, opacity, and the background property. Exercise files are included with this course.
High Performance Selling

High Performance Selling
DVD5 | NTSC 16:9 | (720x480) | MPEG2 ~5051 kbps | 01:59:45 | English: AC3, 192 kb/s (2 ch)
Audio CD in MP3 / 128 kbps | English | 01:59:53 | + PDF Guide
Size: 4.25 GB | Genre: Economics and finances

This fast-paced sales training video is full of sales skills and customer loyalty ideas. Many salespeople spend the majority of their time seeking new customers, while true sales professionals enjoy steady business from long-term clients. In part one of this power-packed seminar, you'll learn how to advance your customers up the "customer loyalty ladder" to higher levels of repeat business and more referrals than ever. In part two, you'll gain valuable sales training insights into Needs Analysis Selling. Whether it's asking high quality questions, taking pertinent notes, or communicating for greater understanding, sales training expert Don Hutson illustrates how we can be even more effective in every phase of the sales process.
Gnomonology ????? Female Anatomy: Chapter 1,2

Gnomonology ????? Female Anatomy: Chapter 1,2
English | MOV | 1024 x 768 | SVQ3 ~1232 kbps | 15.000 fps
AAC | 48 kbps | 44.1 KHz | 2 channels | 2h 53mn | 1.08 GB
Genre: Video Tutorial / 3D-graphics

In this instructional video Zack Petroc elaborates on his approach to digital sculpting through the creation of a female character. Starting with a low resolution box mesh, the viewer watches as Zack begins by adding gesture and rhythm to the character and then takes the design through to final detailing. The lesson takes place in ZBrush 3.0 showcasing a unique approach to developing surface, reading three dimensional form, and establishing relationships between muscle groups. This lecture is intended for all students and professionals who wish to strengthen their character work through furthering their knowledge of human anatomy.
KelbyTraining ???? Jack Reznicki ????? One Light Lighting

KelbyTraining ????? Jack Reznicki ????? One Light Lighting
1 DVD | 12 lessons | 01:05:39 | English | 605 MB
flv | 854 x 480 | h264 1333 Kbps | 29.97 fps | AAC 2 channels 16 bits 44 KHz
Genre: eLearning

Photographer Jack Reznicki has a philosophy about using available light: if it is available, use it! In this course, Jack starts out with the basics of understanding light and recognizing what that light is doing inside the photograph. The best way to learn lighting is to start with a single light and learn how to manipulate it.