Infinite Skills ???? Learning C++

Infinite Skills ????? Learning C++
English | MP4 | H264 195 kbps 15 fps | 960x720 | MP3 128 kbps 48 KHz | 1.36 GB
Genre: elearning
Take your skills to the next level. This Learning C++ Programming Tutorial Video is the ultimate in comprehensive instruction for the discerning professional.
These training classes use broadcast quality audio and video to deliver concise and informative training right to your desktop. The course is presented via an intuitive easy-to-use interface allowing you to learn at your own pace.
These Learning C++ Programming Tutorials break even the most complex subjects down into easy to follow segments following along is simple. Practical working files further enhance the learning process and provide a degree of retention that is unmatched by any other form of training.
Tantric Sexual Massage for Lovers

Tantric Sexual Massage for Lovers | ISO | 444.78 MB
Genre: Video Training

A number of attractive couples practices the techniques while a professional couple guides them in real time. Tantra is a physical experience, but the emphasis on communication builds real intimacy along with sexual thrills. Tantra is a great way to connect on a deeper level with your loved one through physical pleasure, and this DVD has a nice balance between information and exploration. What could be better? You can experience weeks of pleasure as you 'work' your way through these techniques with your loved one!
The Female Orgasm Explained

The Female Orgasm Explained | ISO | 349.15 MB
Genre: Video Training

The sexual revolution of the ’70s has allowed women to claim their right to pleasure and to better know their body. However, 30 years later, the female orgasm remains mysterious to a lot of people – both men and women.
Orgasmic Meditation ????? How to OM

Orgasmic Meditation ???? How to OM | ISO | 449.19 MB
Genre: Video Training

The How to OM is a complete, step-by-step guide to start practicing your orgasm and engage OM all on your own terms. You've heard of the 15 minute orgasm, now really learn it. This is the secret code to the female orgasm. How to OM consists of every piece you need to reach the “practice” status from wherever you are in the world. It’s packed full of personal tips (for men too), informative e-books and all the guidance you need when beginning OM.
Masters of wedding photography DVD5

Masters of wedding photography DVD5
English | MPEG-2 720x576 (4:3) 25.00 fps | mp3 128 kb/s | 3.44 GB
Genre: Video Training

My free translation of the DVD-ROM "Masters of Wedding Photography" includes 2:00 embracing the footage, the five best in the world wedding photographer, make this CD a very authoritative. movie filmed for two years in Los Angeles (USA), in the State of Georgia (USA), Sydney (Australia) and England.
The disc "Masters of Wedding Photography" is world-renowned photographers ????? Dennis Reddzhi Joe Byussinka, Jeff Askodzha, Martin Schembri and Ervanta working in real life situations. Note : Those who wish to get more information about this CD or download compressed versions (saving ranking and traffic) are invited here , and here the second part of the movie
NIKON SCHOOL: Guide to Creative Lighting

NIKON SCHOOL: Guide to Creative Lighting
English | h264 yuv420p 720x480 29.97 fps | aac 48000 Hz stereo | 2.39 GB
Genre: Video Training

Nikon School, along with photographer Bob Christo has videotutorial on the formulation of light in photography: * Basics of flash photography * Selecting exposures * Sync flash * Multi-flare technology * Wireless Speedlight configuration Threat! Has laid both sides, who already have the first swing only a second. Screenshots from the second part.
Pluralsight : Integration Services Fundamentals

Pluralsight : Integration Services Fundamentals
English | Duration: 7h 0m | WMV3 | 1024x768 | 15fps 289kbps | WMA 128kbps | 764 MB
Genre: VideoTraining

This course explains how to develop Integration Services packages with an emphasis on the development of processes that support data warehousing. It begins by describing the overall process of package development, then describes the types of tasks that Integration Services and shows how these tasks can be performed sequentially or in parallel in the control flow by using precedence constraints.
Video2Brain : Photoshop Sharpening Power Workshop 2011

Video2Brain : Photoshop Sharpening Power Workshop 2011
English | 2:36:56 | 1280x720 | Mp4 | 15.00fps | aac ???? 64Kbps | 555 MB
Genre: Elearning

Virtually all digital images need some degree of sharpening to look their best, but it’s not always easy to find the right way to go about it. This workshop from leading Photoshop expert Tim Grey will dispel many myths and misunderstandings about sharpening, teach you the underlying concepts involved in sharpening, show you a wide variety of methods you can use to apply sharpening, and help you determine which technique is best for a given image.
Illustrator Insider Training ???? Rethinking the Essentials (

Illustrator Insider Training ????? Rethinking the Essentials (
English | 05:08:16 | H264 | 960x540 | 25.00fps 217 Kbps | MP3 95 Kbps 48.0khz | 598 MB

Illustrator Insider Training: Rethinking the Essentials is the first installment in a series of courses designed to show experienced Illustrator users to how master core features and build art more efficiently. Adobe Illustrator has evolved dramatically over the years, and many creative professionals may be missing out on features that have been added to the latest versions. This course takes a fresh approach to core concepts, such as paths, attributes, object hierarchy, groups, and layers. Advanced techniques such as combining multiple effects and customizing textures are also included. Exercise files and a free worksheet are included with the course.